Bonded Warehouse Services

Bonded Warehouse Services

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Our association is growing service provider of Bonded Warehouse Services. All the antiques, artistic work, books, apparatus and that's just the beginning. Our company is secured warehousing space can store anything, for any time frame. Rest guaranteed, our distribution centers are completely protected against flame, burglary, bothers and different misfortunes. They are observed by CCTVs and kept an eye on by security work force 24x7. We guarantee that your products, regardless of how enormous, little, fragile, old or new are kept totally safe until you require them from our Warehouse. Moreover, Bonded Warehouse Services is provided by us at pocket friendly prices.


  • Location, set-up and administration of autonomous distribution centers for customers
  • Pick, pack and pre-circulation
  • Loading and emptying for a wide range of payload
  • Stock administration
  • Distribution organize container India and around the world
  • Courier administrations dispatch
  • Cargo review and quality checks
  • Stockroom rent/utilize (short and long haul
  • Labeling and gathering

We render Services in New Delhi for the Bonded Warehouse that are basically used for storing products that are liable for VAT or import duty. Such taxes and duty payments are deferred until the trader or the supplier removes his/her goods from the mentioned warehouse. These kind of warehouses are mostly used by the business owners who are indulge in supplying spirits and other food items. The stored goods may be supervised by the authorities of custom and may also be manipulated by sorting or cleaning. After manipulation, during the time frame of warehousing, stored goods can easily be exported without duty payment.

Below cited are the advantages that are rendered by our offered Bonded Warehouses :

  • Custom documentation for the outward and inward can be easily provided
  • Helps in advance storing of goods for the peak season
  • Price of stored products can be easily stabilized by creating time utility
  • Acts as a centralized location that helps in easy transportation and distribution of goods.
  • Inventory management expertise
  • Management level supervision as well as licensed logistics professionals.
  • Certainty of a secured storage space where goods are stocked, manipulated and can be made without paying any duty.
  • Accessibility of all the facilities of palatalizing, packing, storage, and stock control.
  • Proffering of storage facility for trade fairs as well as exhibition goods.
  • No capital investment in storage.
  • Reduced opportunity cost, Tax benefits.
  • Enable cargo to move at lower rates.
  • Specific knowledge of costs for retention and management.
  • Handling with complete adherence to regulations, procedures, customs laws and documentation.
  • Certainty of supply, goods can be stored and imported in advance of peak. season so they can be made available for order fulfillment without making time lags and improving customer service.
  • Specialized facilities are offered such as deep freezes of big vats for the storage wine/spirits.
  • Outward and inward customs documentation is also given.