Custom Bonded Warehouse Services

Custom Bonded Warehouse Services

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We render Warehouse Services that are Custom Bonded in order to fulfill the requirements of modern businesses across the New Delhi. Our professionals make use of state-of-the-art technology and techniques for providing best warehousing solutions required by traders, manufacturers, exporters, etc. The mentioned services provided by us allow storage of goods under duty suspension. Our professionals offer the services standards of the industry due to which these are highly demanded not only in New Delhi but all over the nation. Be it dry or air conditioned, we have both kinds of Custom Bonded Warehouses that suits all the requirements of our esteemed customers.

Benefits :

  • Goods can be easily imported on temporary basis for displaying at exhibitions, trade shows, etc.
  • Various operations can be performed on the products that do not alter their conditions.
  • Help in controlling finances and other costs that are related to transportation and management of goods.
  • Less pressure for selling goods immediately so that duty costs can be recoup.
  • Payment of Duties is delayed until import lading is entered for activity or re – export.
  • Work as a safe harbor for items subjected to quota or some other import restrictions while alternate provisions are worked out.
  • Warehousing and Handling of In Bond Cargo can be made easy & efficient. Provide a cost effective method to importing cargo.
  • Assurance of effortless and cost-effective transportation, manipulation and storage.
  • Assist in bettering the control of your finances and make sound & long-run business decisions.
  • Protection to goods from the impacts made by moisture, dust, climate and pest controlled.
  • Provision of full coverage fire sprinkler protection instrumentality.
  • Computerized alarm and video surveillance system for added safety.
Functions allowed :
  • Reassembling or disassembling of the goods, if they have been amassed or dismantled for handling, packing or transport.
  • Inspecting, labellings, packing, displaying, storing the goods.
  • Import goods on a temporary basis, for display at conventions, exhibitions or trade shows.
  • No changes in the goods' condition.
  • Maintaining, servicing, preserving, cleaning, diluting, separating defective goods, sorting etc. in compliance with applicable laws.